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Urbane Wild Rags are silk neckerchiefs, large square scarves, and pocket squares.

The artwork is printed on 8mm 100% habotai silk. The neckerchiefs are 26x26" in size. The large square scarves are 36x36". The 16x16" size makes a distinctive and unique pocket square.

The neckerchiefs are great for everyday, casual business wear, or a night on the town. Wear one in place of a tie. Fold it diagonally, roll from the point to the long side of the triangle, and tie it around your neck under an open-collared shirt or with a t-shirt. Rolled in a different direction the pattern created will change. The softness of the silk on your neck feels great and the additional color adds a bit of dash to your look.

The large square scarves are perfect if you want a fuller look around your neck and shoulders.

The pocket squares give your look a unique bit of colorful pizazz.